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Pink Spring Pavilion, 3 yr. old Chinese tree peony

Pink / Pink Spring Pavilion - 3 yr. old

Price:   $79.00 ea

Stock#: spp-2
Price: $79.00

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Pink Spring Pavilion- Fen Lou Chun Se

Chinese tree peony, 3 yr. old, tree peony, 2-3 thick woody branches.

The mid pink petals of this flower are arraigned in an artful, near double anemone, with a few stamens poking trough to add flecks of golden yellow near the center. This size has flower buds for spring.

Order and reserve now for fall shipping to USDA Zones 4-9. This peony is available in pots for nursery pick up this season.

Many 7-8 inch flowers with a sweet fragrance, face upwards and to the side. Most of these plants bloomed well for us in their correct form last spring, unusual for such young plants.
Will grow in USDA Zones 4-9.
Order for USDA Zones 4-7 for spring shipping. Zones 8 and 9 will reserve and ship in the next dormant period in the fall.

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 Stock#: spp-2 
 Condition: 3 yr. old plant  
Our Price $79.00

Pink / Pink Spring Pavilion - 3 yr. old

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